Changing Within

The dragonfly images on these cards were created by Charlene Miles. Over the course of a year, high on the slope of Mauna Loa on the island of Hawai’i, fifty-two individual dragonflies presented themselves. Now, several years later, with the urging and help of friends, the Dragonflies are being released into the world to help to heal all who come in contact with them. The originals are done with colored pencils on black paper.

The first group of 6 cards focuses on the process of “Changing Within.” Charlene channeled each dragonfly and they unfolded their spirit to her. Most of the cards picture a dragonfly in a familiar dragonfly form – However there are a few who presented themselves in a form of their spirit e.g. Pure White Selenite , Clear Quartz and Tiger’s Eye. Over time, all 52 Dragonfly images will be released in small groupings such as this. You are encouraged to collect them all.

The front of the card is the full original picture. The back contains the name of each dragonfly, which corresponds to a stone or crystal, and the message each dragonfly is communicating. Finally an affirmation is also included that aids in the healing process.

Each card is blank inside and comes with a coordinating colored envelope and biodegradable clear plastic sleeve for protection from dust and dirt. Printing is done locally on the Big Island.

The introductory price for each card is $4.00 + shipping – if you buy all 6 the price is $20.00 + shipping. Jane is happy to ship anywhere in the world. Wholesale prices are available. You may order your copy of these beautiful cards by using the contact form below:


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