Mended Hearts Letter

Hello Dear Ones,

I want to say to you that I love everything about my mended hearts.  For me, they are a message to spread love and energy on my well being.  Mend a heart of your own and join me in making a river of mended hearts flowing towards a sea of well being – for us all – one mended heart at a time.

The idea of a mended heart moves my thought and feeling away from what was – to what is and on to what can be.

I have my own broken history, as do we all. There is no reason to linger.  Mend your heart, leave your history – you don’t need it anymore.

This year, in January, I made my first mended heart.  As it turned out, it wasn’t meant for me!  I was charmed none-the-less.  Some 80 or so mended hearts later (I stopped counting at 64) I recognized one as my own.  Since then I have claimed two more – each one marking a mending of an event or time.  They hang on the wall within easy range to remind me throughout the day that I have a mended heart – a passage beyond a difficulty.  I feel grateful.  It is a powerful symbol that I am moving forward.  I want the same for you now.

Mending your heart really calls for something personal – something of your own to add to the mending elements.  It may be a piece of string, a button, maybe an image, a feather, a tuft of fur from a beloved animal companion.  It may be a cutting of your own hair, a swatch from a piece of clothing important to you – something personal and meaningful – you get the idea!  This object can be placed on the inside or the outside of your mended heart.

It may be even more powerful for you and your mending to write out a message of what it is you want to mend – or what you hope for in your new time.  Whatever it is that you need to say – you don’t need to show it to anyone, I wouldn’t.  You can place it inside before you mend your heart.  Only you will know that it is there and what it says.

Making a mended heart is a powerful signal that you are moving on.

You will find me filling my days mending hearts –

With much love and gratitude

Thank-you for wanting a mended heart


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