Artists Safe Place

I didn’t realize it at the time but I have painted my future and it is sweet. These tray paintings, while a few years old, recently came to the front and started feeling very relevant. Since the gallery sprang up here, I’m seeing how much of this whimsy is possible in real life. I can easily picture myself miniature, settled into a chair, safe within the cosmic midnight-blue borders.

art-tray-one500 copy

art-tray-two500 copy

Two wooden trays about 10×13 inches each, lined with canvas, decorated with acrylic paint and texture gels, styrofoam, wood and cotton fabric.

BELOW: Fireplace, detail. Coals are of garnet gel painted in acrylic, with real eucalyptus “logs” to burn for warmth.

art-tray-fireplace500 copy

BELOW: Facing cushions, detail. A place to talk about everything. Seat cushions are carved from styrofoam and covered in fabric, decorated with acrylic paint. Bridge is cedar. Slippers and a welcome mat.

art-tray-two-chairs500 copy

BELOW: Romantic corner for two, detail. Share a piece of cake with spoons carved from flat toothpicks, served on an embellished paper plate. Toothpick-framed original artwork and painted-on wall sconce.

art-tray-romantic-corner500 copy

BELOW: Party table, detail. Pull up a cushion, always room for one more.

art-tray-three-chairs500 copy

BELOW: The long table, detail. Everyone is free to join the discussion, read about art and write in the note book, and, of course, have a cookie.

art-tray-long-table500 copy

BELOW: Garden, detail. Fresh yummy food, fragrant flowers and flowing water.

Come visit and add the sound of your laughter to the mix.

art-tray-garden500 copy


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