Mysterious Poetry

Today I’m featuring the Mysterious Poetry series. It comes in magnets, bookmarks, greeting cards, and earrings. Each piece very close to my heart, a tiny original artwork to provoke your thoughts.

Mysterious Poetry Bookmarks

Mysterious Poetry Bookmarks

Fits your quirky sense of humor. Whole days could go by while I snip lines from books and shuffle them around until they make me laugh. Often they strike a poignant chord as well. Some of the poems make perfect sense and others remain mysterious.

Mysterious Poetry Magnets

Mysterious Poetry Magnets

The poems are glued to paper on which I have added some layers of rough texture with a stucco-like feel. I sometimes curve the lines using old-time skills I gained as a paste-up artist in the 1980s. The background is painted with acrylic including sponged accents. Some feature the addition of asterisks, hearts or flowers that I’ve painted and cut out with a knife.

The cards [not shown] are geared towards occasions and come in 3.5×5 and 5×7 inches.


The earrings are hand-made papier mache beads, some have complete novellas that you can read (possibly with a magnifying glass). And I still have two or three pairs of the classic story that just says “No if and or but” over and over. Cracks me up every time.

Come by the gallery to purchase or visit our etsy store.


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