New “Maya” Wallets

A beautiful little wallet for a Lady who likes to travel light. The “Maya” wallet features a lined and zippered coin section, four card holding sections and a place for your folding money. And, as you may discover with glee, there’s another small pocket behind the coin section. This is your special secret pocket, I don’t know what you’ll use it for.

Happily, I’ve decided I like the zig zag edge lots better than a bias tape binding. Less struggle to work it — with more cohesion in the hand. Twice around will do, but it takes three times around on my smallest zig zag stitch to get the silky look that I’m loving right now.

The outside of the “Maya” is usually a Hawaiian print or batik, and quilted in a diamond shape. The edge is sewn in a close zig zag stitch, giving it a silky look that is both casual and finished. Inside I usually go for a whimsical motif. Secured with a velcro closure tab that has plenty of sturdy velcro. Nice rounded corners. Simply pretty.

I’ve had good feedback on this product so far. I’m offering the “Maya” wallet as a SPECIAL ORDER ITEM, and the four separate wallets pictured below, while they last.

All of my purse and wallet designs are named after the granddaughters of my special friends. This one was named for, and inspired by, a tiny tot. I understand she loves her zippers and so do I. So do I. Please contact me if you would like a joyfully custom-made “Maya” wallet of your own, or to check on the availability of the examples shown below.

I’ve highlighted each of the four new wallets in its own slide show.

[Update: The wallet in the first slideshow has been sold, but you can still enjoy the pretty pictures, there are three wallets still available, OR you can special order your own!]

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Come by the gallery to purchase, visit our Etsy store, or contact me through the “Contact” page above, or through our facebook page. Aloha and mahalo!


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