Spotlight on Story Bead Earrings

Looking closer at a few classic pairs. Sharing the complete text here for the first time. Because wearing a novella on your ears is a literary, fashion, and humor statement all in one tiny package.

BELOW: “No ifs ands or buts.” I smirk every time I read this. Let me know if you can do it with a straight face. TEXT: And or but no if and or but and but and or no but but and or but but and and and no but no and and or [next bead] and but no if and or but if but and and or but and or no but and or and but no but or but and no and and but or

BELOW: “(No ifs ands or buts) with Style” The highlighter yellow color really makes the lettering pop. The first bead is very much similar to the above pair, with the second bead having a thesaurus collage. There wasn’t enough room on the back of the card to include all the text so here are some excerpts from [bead 2]. TEXT: style 4: An individual’s characteristic attitude and taste as expressed or indicated in his way of life <she liked the man’s sophisticated style> stylish <she was stylish dresser> a la mode, chic, dashing || classy, sharp, smart, snappy, swank

BELOW: “People from Hawaii.” Just some fun stuff from the book I was dismantling. [bead 1] TEXT: People from Hawaii make charming hostesses and gracious hosts it is a romantic sign old fashioned [bead 2] thesaurus collage.

BELOW: “Take a Leap” Mysterious poetry at its best, we love shopping lists. [bead 1] TEXT: to take a chance, sometimes a daring chance and making up a shopping list for each jump [bead 2] these leaps had actually been made because the smaller sizes may be used in big celebration

BELOW: “going to town.” A familiar tale for many of my local friends. [bead 1] TEXT: Alert and eager, full of life and vivacity, in the state in which fortune shines upon one days when [bead 2] for many a visit to a town was a momentous event prepared several days in advance were filled with interest

Earrings are made of papier-mâché and ornamented with a variety of glass beads and crystals. They come on a gift card with the story text, as shown. You can read more about the making of the beads at

These are just a few of the remaining pairs. Let me know if you are looking for a particular story and we will see if your own mysterious poetry is currently in material form. I also have magnets and bookmarks, and a few cards left.

Please visit our etsy shop to purchase. Specify your choice of pair(s) in the comments section, or request to be surprised.

Contact us through the contact page, above, or see what the Zen Hens are up to in real time on our facebook page.

Aloha and Mahalo!


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