Reusable Shopping Baggies Are Back

Saves on plastic when you shop! How cool is that? A fun and inexpensive item to use or give with pride. I’m so excited to finally be presenting this product in the new and improved version that I have dreamed of. I feel good about offering an alternative to plastic bag use. And I like the way the product makes its own packaging, with just the addition of a small explanatory tag. My new serger turned out to be a wonderful tool. It allowed me to make more bags, faster and better, and have more fun doing it, too. Bliss.

Each set consists of three baggies and a neat Hawaiian print keeper pouch with velcro closure. Suitable for almost any item that you regularly purchase in the bulk food aisle. Baggies are made of untreated nylon, approximately 11×14 inches. They hold up to four pounds of food and their feather weight won’t add to your grocery bill. I have finished them with seams to the outside for easier cleaning. You can close the baggies with the twist-ties that are provided in-store for bulk bin numbers. The little pouch helps keep you organized and makes them easy to grab and go.

2015-01-30 11.45.10

A stack of around 58 bags.

Some super hip and groovy friends of mine have tested the baggies and given me great feedback on how easy they are to use and clean. Simply shake out to clean, or give a quick rinse if necessary. Not intended as food storage, you’ll want to transfer your goodies to airtight containers when you get home.

Next up, I also have plans to develop a net bag with a drawstring, suitable for apples, oranges and other items from the produce department. I hope the two styles together can help save a lot of plastic!

Below is a slideshow of a few of the colors available. Please visit Alexis Art Studio etsy shop to purchase.

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Wholesale inquires are welcome on this product.

Aloha and Mahalo for your interest in my reusable baggies!

Bunches of Bags

Been staying busy during all these weeks and months that the shop has been closed due to wet and windy weather. One project that seems to be popping up a lot lately is bags. Does anyone need shopping bags or stylish shopping bag sets? I refer to these sets as a “tote-tote” and they were designed to streamline and organize your errand route. It would please me tremendously to connect all these nice things with the homes where they belong.

Whatever it is that I’m making, I try to have a sense of how it works into the big scheme of things. My feeling is that reusable bags are here to stay and I feel good about offering them. Recently I’ve been experimenting with upcycling materials. I especially enjoy repurposing a zipper. Yeah, that’s my idea of fun.

Enjoy the photo gallery below and…

…then click on over to our etsy shop where are all the gorgeous bags are available for easy purchase. Or, contact me using the contact form, above, with your questions or special requests. You can also message any of us Zen Hens through our facebook page.

Next up and coming soon, four pretty new Muumuuko Hawaiian Girl Dress-up dolls and also, by special request, fashions for 18″ dolls.

Aloha and Mahalo,


Meet Muumuuko Hawaiian Girl Dress-up Doll

Just now beginning to break through my shyness barrier in regard to creating faces. As I finish each face, she looks right back at me. After struggling with the assumption that I “should” be able to do “better” I decided any “mistakes” in the drawing of the face are what create her unique character. The eyes shine love… but do I see a little mischief around the mouth? Maybe so.


Today I’m drafting up this certificate to be included with each doll, to help you get to know her: “This is Muumuuko (pronounced moo-moo Ko), Hawaiian Girl Dress-up Doll. Muumuuko adores pretty clothes that are cool and comfortable. She likes games, tea parties, and spending time with friends. She loves summer, storybooks, and pajamas. Muumuuko was made by hand with heart in Hawaii and now belongs to: _______________ , forever and always.”


Above: Love her modern muumuu and stylish hair.

After learning some basic techniques I produced my own super simple pattern pieces. They are still under development so I will be sharing my patterns as I get them tightened up.

Muumuuko is suitable as baby’s first fashion doll and as a souvenir doll for any age.


Above: Sweet little girl with multi-tonal brown and pink hair. Below: Her coordinating outfits.


Parents and grandparents of a certain age will resonate with this modest shorty top that shows just a little belly and has all the frills of summer. The ruffled skirt has sewn-in bloomers, too.


And some pants to go with the top for when we don’t feel like wearing a skirt.


The exact flannel nightgown that so many of us wore as kids. It took me three tries to get the pattern just right and I am very happy with it.


Above: I think her hair color and outfit suggest a trip to the beach. Below: The skirt and top.



Short shorts are fun.


Shorty flannel pajamas trimmed with eyelet lace.

I take special requests whenever possible to use favorite colors and personal touches if you want a custom doll created. Please contact me through the contact page above or message me through our facebook page. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and meet the girls in person.


Full Moon Sleep Mask Sale

The romantic notions of a full moon do sometimes clash with the need for sleep! Travel Sleep Masks are a super value at only $6.00.

OFFER #1: Stop by the gallery today to purchase one for yourself and get a second one for a friend at half price.

Wristlet purse with travel sleep mask.

Wristlet purse with travel sleep mask.

Wristlet purse with travel sleep mask.

Wristlet purse with travel sleep mask.

OFFER #2: Today only, buy one of these zipper purses for $20.00, and get the matching sleep mask free. The red batik purse has an outside phone pocket. Both of these purses have removable straps, and wild surprise linings that are not shown in the photos.

If you’re shopping from home today, follow this link to our Etsy store: