The Camp Goodtimes Uke Bag Project Begins…..


This is my first blogging adventure -and it seems fitting that it’s for a great project such as the “CGT Uke Bag Project”.   For those of you not familiar with this project a bit of history… Camp Goodtimes is a wonderful free kids camp sponsored by the American Cancer Society for kids with cancer or in remission from cancer and their siblings in the NW region of the US – including Alaska.  There are two 1-week sessions each summer.   Nic’s (my son), first introduction to camp was as a camper (at 13) then later as a counselor in training and now as a cabin counselor (at 26).  Many, many people come together each year and donate their time, money and energy to make each camp session magical for everyone involved, especially the kids.

This year the idea was hatched to have the kids make ukulele’s.  The original thought was of using shoe boxes and paper towel tubes.  However when the idea was discussed with Micheal of Rainy Day Ukes – who also happens to be Nic’s girlfriend’s father (herself a former camper and long-time counselor) – he took the idea and ran with it.  Michael designed and arranged to have 100 real ukulele kits made for the campers.  With the help of friends, family and my Zen Hen clutch we offered to make simple canvas uke bags so the kids have a safe way to carry their ukes home.

So – the canvas arrived last Friday – in a HUGE box – 15 continuous yards.  Luckily I have a plan…

15 continuous yards of canvas –

I started by cutting 15″ X 60″ stips and marking them off into 3 – 20″ sections – each of these sections will be the bottom of one bag – 3 bags /strip = 34 strips to be measured, marked and cut.

The tops of the bags will be out of Hawaiian fabric – I couldn’t decide on just one or two fabrics so there will be about 10 -12 different ones; some for boys, some for girls and some will appeal to either/both.

I chose a plain natural colored canvas for the bottoms so the kids will have the opportunity to decorate the bag themselves and make it their own.  They can use paints, stamps, markers – or maybe they’ll get signatures from all their fellow campers or counselors.

I decided to screen print each one with a monogram for camp so they’ll remember where all this came from (as if they’ll forget).  Nic and my fellow Zen Hen, Alexis (the great graphic artist – among other greatness’), helped refine my idea so it wasn’t too cutesy but communicated the message I wanted to get across – and one I think, that is  shared by everyone involved with Camp Goodtimes.

34 – 60″ strips of canvas marked and ready for silk screening today – 5″ high! To the right is the small screen print that will be on each bag.

What do you think – should I do T-shirts too?  Small or large logo?  Give me some feedback and maybe I can make it happen – : )


I have been very moved by the donations received to date (you know who you are!)  to help me offset the cost of making these bags.  All materials are ordered – straps and pull cords are expected at the studio this week.  If any of you have not had the opportunity to donate, or the intention was there but it  got pushed to the bottom of your to-do pile, which happens to us all – there is still time.  The last  of my costs to be covered is postage to mail the finished bags to Seattle in time for the first camp session beginning June 23.  I’m intending to have the bags at the post office no later than June 14 – so Nic and Kaitlin can take them to camp with them when they go June 22.  We would also like to raise enough money so we can give each of the kids their own tuning fork – no sense in having 100 out of tune ukes hanging around – so…there is still time to donate – $5 – $25 – tho we won’t’ say no to more… : )  Feel free to email me if you need the  link.

I wish you all peace –



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