Meet Muumuuko Hawaiian Girl Dress-up Doll

Just now beginning to break through my shyness barrier in regard to creating faces. As I finish each face, she looks right back at me. After struggling with the assumption that I “should” be able to do “better” I decided any “mistakes” in the drawing of the face are what create her unique character. The eyes shine love… but do I see a little mischief around the mouth? Maybe so.


Today I’m drafting up this certificate to be included with each doll, to help you get to know her: “This is Muumuuko (pronounced moo-moo Ko), Hawaiian Girl Dress-up Doll. Muumuuko adores pretty clothes that are cool and comfortable. She likes games, tea parties, and spending time with friends. She loves summer, storybooks, and pajamas. Muumuuko was made by hand with heart in Hawaii and now belongs to: _______________ , forever and always.”


Above: Love her modern muumuu and stylish hair.

After learning some basic techniques I produced my own super simple pattern pieces. They are still under development so I will be sharing my patterns as I get them tightened up.

Muumuuko is suitable as baby’s first fashion doll and as a souvenir doll for any age.


Above: Sweet little girl with multi-tonal brown and pink hair. Below: Her coordinating outfits.


Parents and grandparents of a certain age will resonate with this modest shorty top that shows just a little belly and has all the frills of summer. The ruffled skirt has sewn-in bloomers, too.


And some pants to go with the top for when we don’t feel like wearing a skirt.


The exact flannel nightgown that so many of us wore as kids. It took me three tries to get the pattern just right and I am very happy with it.


Above: I think her hair color and outfit suggest a trip to the beach. Below: The skirt and top.



Short shorts are fun.


Shorty flannel pajamas trimmed with eyelet lace.

I take special requests whenever possible to use favorite colors and personal touches if you want a custom doll created. Please contact me through the contact page above or message me through our facebook page. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and meet the girls in person.



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