FREE SHOES for a Limited Time

CRAZY!! I just added FREE SHOES to all of my currently listed doll outfits! Shoes are so important, don’t you agree? Every outfit starts from the shoes up. Shoes have never been an afterthought. So now, without further delay, I proudly present doll shoes so adorable that even adults want to wear them. Or at the very least, play with them. Some mention was made of going dancing…

Same as with my outfits, special attention is given to fit and style. Made of fabric and foam with a variety of embellishments.

FREE SHOES Special Offer valid through September 2014. After September the shoes will sell separately for $8.00 per pair. Please visit our etsy shop to see the individual outfit listings, for shoe details, more pictures, or to purchase.

2014-07-10 13.46.09


Cobbling is a new skill and I wanted to practice a lot. That’s how I ended up with with a little bit of a shoe overstock. The pairs shown below are available to purchase now.

Please visit the etsy shop to see more pictures, get additional details, or to purchase. Or contact me through the contact form above or through our facebook page.

Mahalo and Aloha!

All New Clothes Including The Summer Fur Collection

For 18″ dolls. Summer furs with adorable matching accessories. Fur sweaters and even fur shorts. All-season fleece coats with coordinates. Only if it is fun and makes me smile. The shoe and handbag department begs your forgiveness for the current lack… working on that! Lots of new shoes and boots are in the dream stages right now. My goal is to create shoes with realistic soles. And to make sure they fit all the dolls. Pajama department is also dreaming up some fun fluff and cozies. But for now…

Here we go, eight new outfits. Please order at alexisartstudio on etsy.

Repeat by request. Super soft pink fur coat and matching dress in summer lengths. Dress is fitted with waist darts, coat has facings of matching fabric. Comes with fur headband and two pearl-and-ribbon necklaces. Pearls look good hanging flat or twisted together and can also be worn around the wrist. I love the buttons that look like silver but are actually light-weight plastic. Repurposed buttons, beads and ribbons.

[Below] Pink fur sweater with sporty jersey trim. Opens in the front, decorated with tiny matching buttons. Patchwork shorts with hand-painted design and rhinestones on acid washed jersey. Matching headband. Repurposed fabric and buttons.

[Below] Black ruffle skirt with pink fur sweater. Sweater has smart cap sleeves, length falls just to the top of the first skirt ruffle. Looks great alone or with the faux croc belt. Skirt features two linings for a great fit and drape. Butterfly and night sky motifs dance together. A matching fur headband keeps the ears warm and hair organized. Belt is repurposed material.

[Below] Pink fur shorts and sweater set. Both pieces are trimmed with glow-in-the-dark beads. Extra long black scarf with a scattering of glow-in-the-dark beads can be worn many ways, as a head wrap, a halter top, and it is even long enough to share with her girl. Skull pendant lends some kick-butt to all that pink. The ultimate summer party outfit! Also includes a handful of extra beads and a length of pink ribbon.

[Below] Delectable little cupcake of a skirt features not just two linings but three different solid fabrics and two colors of tulle. It sparkles in the light with bits of glitter and metallic print fabric. Comfy tee shirt is made beautiful with a good fit and hand-painted repurposed fabric. Includes two shimmery hair ribbons.

[Below] Long over short. Blue fleece double-breasted coat and matching beret, both trimmed in dark green braid. Coat features brushed brass buttons and floral facings. Under the coat she’s wearing a matching floral mini skirt topped with a stripe tank. Comes with a stripe neck scarf and vintage brass-tone beaded necklace. Repurposed buttons and trims.

[Below] Here I am playing with lengths again, this time short over long. Blue fleece summer coat is high-waisted, lined in the bodice and allows a bit of dress hemline to show below. Coat features two lined front pockets. The shiny silver and “pearl” buttons take this look anywhere from casual to elegant. She seems to be ready for a train trip or maybe a ferry ride to a special weekend destination. Modest length dress features a lace overlay bodice. Comes with a pearl-and-ribbon choker. Matching head scarf. Snapped a nice picture of my new in-garment labeling here. Repurposed beads, buttons, lace and ribbons.

[Below] Bumble bees are also back by popular request. Two piece dress adds to her mix and match options. Separate half slip with white-on-white motif and eyelet lace trim is pretty enough to wear as a skirt by itself, too. Matching head scarf. Reversible shopping bag is yellow plaid on one side and night sky on the other.

Please order at There is only one each of these outfits available but I do take special orders. There are also lots of new outfits, accessories and surprises yet to come. Please contact me using the contact form above, through our etsy shop or facebook page.

Mahalo and Aloha!

Miniature Fashion

With surprising suddenness, my two oldest passions have combined into a new one: it’s all about clothes and miniatures! This collection of 18″ doll clothes was created for two little girls who are dear to me as nieces. I’m delighted with and so thankful for, the many patterns and blogs that helped me learn at this fantastic rate. So I could really produce. Lots of aha moments here. Even when I had to try a pattern twice, I was happy because I was making similar or matching sister outfits. I’ve had a blast and maybe even more fun than I did when I was a kid. And speaking of feeling like a kid again… Thank you, Dad, for my new sewing machine, I LOVE it!

Meet Neve, my dress model. She wore 16+ outfits for this photo session.

Heart the little yellow shoes. There’s elastic in the strap so they are slip-ons that stay on and the button is decorative. It was fun to discover that her thumb hooks into the shorts pocket. The little blouse is reversible by being print on only one side. The other side of the blouse matches the shorts, and tucking it in helps to highlight the neat waistband. A light kerchief headband tames all that hair.

Below: I couldn’t resist the bumble bee fabric that I’m sure does not get any cuter! This little over the shoulder number was the perfect dress pattern to amp up the fun. Two piece dress adds to the mix-and-match options. Plus a ruffled bag lined with more bumble bees. Purse ties at the shoulder and converts to short handle by changing the tie.



Below: Nothing says “cool kid” like a white tee shirt. The leggings were made in capri and full lengths. The cap sleeve tee shirt works with everything. Black ruffled skirt is pouffy with a drop waist. Lined boots and miniature Bella Bag in coordinating print. Boots have velcro closure in the back. Currently dreaming up some cowboy boot designs.

Below: I was able to get a better photograph of the skirt when she was wearing the gray tee shirt instead of the white one. Less contrast for the camera to think about, I suppose. Gray tee shirt is made from a repurposed shirt. Salvaged the neckband to make a new one. The skirt has two linings for a great fit and drape.


Below: Classic denim mini skirt made modern with leggings underneath. All from repurposed fabrics.


Below: Gray and pastel shoes fit snug and stay put. Denim cross body tote bags are designed for layering. Bags are lined with red and black tie-dye. Braided leather strap and fringe. Pewter button.

Below: Warm wool sweater made from a repurposed sweater. Ribbings were salvaged and re-sewn.


Below: Another version of the skirt shown with the white tee and leggings. Pink shoes fit snug and stay put.


Below: Another set of denim cross body tote bags. These have embroidery and rhinestones. One has hair ribbons tied to the strap. And a close up of the shooooes!

Below: Long sleeved tee shirt and lace trimmed leggings. I try to draw that line between casual clothes and pajamas in a soft and comfortable place.


Below: A selection of button-down shirts and coordinating pants. Sometimes a matching head scarf. Admitting, all of my button-down shirts are actually made with velcro closure. I experimented with lace trim on the pink set and inset pockets on the green pants. These solid color pants have the perfect stacking length for style conscious western girls. The striped pants have side pockets with the pocket stripes running horizontal and trim at the hem to match the shirt. Both would be cute with pocket flaps, too.

Below: Leggings and tee shirt with hand-painting and rhinestones. Also in a second version with long sleeved tee shirt and yoga style pants. Made from a repurposed shirt.

Below: Sleeveless shift with waist darts and just a touch of formal at the neckline.


Below: Coordinating “fur” coat and ear muff headband. This one was my second try on the coat, having decided that the first one was too big. Printing the pattern at 92% made for a better fit. Also a few scraps of iron-on innerfacing along the bottom edges made the hems oh so much straighter on this wiggly fabric.

Below: The first version of the coat became more of a robe due to the large size. To help with the fit, I took a gather in the back. Leaving the front without fasteners adds to the cuddle factor. To coordinate with the coat, a shorts and top set that also could be either clothes or jammies. And of course, pink furry slippers with ribbon rosettes. I think I want a pair in my size.


And that’s a wrap!

The shop has been closed due to inclement weather but this can’t last, it’s Ocean View and it “never” rains here. Or so I’ve been told, although not recently.

To special order clothes for your 18″ doll, contact me using the contact form above, through our etsy store or facebook page.

Thank you for shopping the blog!

Aloha, Alexis