FREE SHOES for a Limited Time

CRAZY!! I just added FREE SHOES to all of my currently listed doll outfits! Shoes are so important, don’t you agree? Every outfit starts from the shoes up. Shoes have never been an afterthought. So now, without further delay, I proudly present doll shoes so adorable that even adults want to wear them. Or at the very least, play with them. Some mention was made of going dancing…

Same as with my outfits, special attention is given to fit and style. Made of fabric and foam with a variety of embellishments.

FREE SHOES Special Offer valid through September 2014. After September the shoes will sell separately for $8.00 per pair. Please visit our etsy shop to see the individual outfit listings, for shoe details, more pictures, or to purchase.

2014-07-10 13.46.09


Cobbling is a new skill and I wanted to practice a lot. That’s how I ended up with with a little bit of a shoe overstock. The pairs shown below are available to purchase now.

Please visit the etsy shop to see more pictures, get additional details, or to purchase. Or contact me through the contact form above or through our facebook page.

Mahalo and Aloha!

Muumuuko and her pretty spring fashions

Muumuuko (pronounced moo-moo Ko) Hawaiian Girl Dress-up Doll is a sweet little girl with a particular outlook on life. On a sunny morning she likes to wear pretty clothes that are cool and comfortable. And on a chilly mauka evening, a cozy flannel nightgown or pajama set fits just right. She has a flair for casual elegance in all her fashion choices.

A lot of care goes into the functionality of the garments. Using mainly elastic and velcro, sometimes ties, the dolls are easy to dress. Many of the garments are also the same front to back, making them even easier and more fun. Because fit is such an important part of a stylish outfit, I really worked my shapes.

Muumuuko believes upcycling is super cool, and a lot of her clothing is made from repurposed fabrics and trims. If repurposed, it is noted in the caption. (Click on the image to enlarge and see the full caption.)

Muumuuko is ready to play today and hopes to become a keepsake doll in the future. She is delivered with her basic short muumuu and a certificate that you personalize.

At some point I will be coming back to post my patterns and talk about my experience of making the dolls. I’m dreaming of many more outfits. Lingerie and outerwear and special occasion dresses.

Pricing structure. Dolls shown are $25 each, or $35 for a special request (hair/eye color, etc). Outfits are $7 each, or $6 each when buying three or more outfits. Special request outfits are $8 to $10 each. Plus applicable shipping charges. Message me and we will work out the details.

Contact me using the contact form above, or, through our facebook page. Also, check out our etsy store where you can place custom orders or leave us a convo.

Aloha and mahalo!